50 ‘Things We Want’ This Week: Bourbon, Scotch, Pocket Knives, And More

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Here we have all of the latest Things We Want. This is a weekly gear guide of the newest and best gear for guys and it includes everything from gadgets to accessories, apparel to whiskey, affordable items and some outrageous finds that caught my attention.

I like to editorialize the weekly ‘Things We Want‘ as little as possible but it’s important to call out some items in depth. This weekly gear guide also includes my daily Everyday Carry Essentials features so be sure to scroll all the way through so you don’t miss any of the latest and greatest gear for men! If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at cass@brobible.com.

Russell’s Reserve 2003 ‘Vintage’ Series Release

Russell's Reserve 2003 barrel proof Vintage series

Cass Anderson

Russell’s Reserve just blessed the world with their third release in their prestigious ‘Vintage’ series from master distiller Eddie Russell. The Vintage Series pays homage to Eddie’s father, Jimmy Russell, aka The Buddha of Bourbon. Only 3,600 bottles of this limited release will be available at select retailers nationwide so you’ll want to track this down locally if you love Bourbon and make sure you don’t miss out.

The Russell’s Reserve 2003 for a minimum of 16 years inside the RRR distillery’s Tyrone warehouses and this marks the absolute last of Russell’s Reserve 107-barrel-entry-proof whiskey. The flavor profile and characteristics are similar to special Wild Turkey releases from the late 80s and early 90s and Eddie Russell had a bonafide ‘Eureka!’ moment when he first tasted the barrel’s whiskey bursting with spice, fruit, and butterscotch.

As you can see above, Russell’s Reserve 2003 has a rich dark amber color. The aroma is full of sweet baking spices, fully-ripe stonefruits, and butterscotch. Two of my sweet ‘vices’ are caramel and butterscotch and the palate carries balanced flavors of burnt caramel, pepper, leather, and buttery vanilla. The finish is smooth, smokey, and has lingering notes of sweet caramel and vanilla. As I said above, it’s bottled at 107-barrel-proof but it drinks at 89.5-proof which means you can very comfortably enjoy it neat without needing to dilute it. To check for local availability you can follow that ‘shop now’ button below to visit Drizly or you can head to the WildTurkey website for more.


Muckety-Muck Single 24-Year ‘Orphan Barrel’ Whiskey

Muckety Muck Orphan Barrel Whiskey

Orphan Barrel

Orphan Barrel Whiskey Co. is one of the coolest players in the game. Starting back in 2014, they track down, bottle, and share delicious rare whiskeys that have been forgotten by time, whiskeys tucked in the back of rickhouses and distilleries. Their latest release is the Muckety-Muck Single Grain Scotch Whiskey Agest 24 Years (90 proof).

The 24-Year-Old Muckety Muck comes from the now-ghost Port Dundas Distillery which was at one time one of the most respected distilleries in all of Scotland and it was also home to hundreds of iconic pigs. One prize-winning pig was named Muckey-Muck who won medals galore and this exquisite single malt is named in honor of that pig. It carries light toasted oak and a butterscotch vanilla finish. The thing about Orphan Barrel releases is that once they’re gone they are gone forever. This is the only chance to sample this release as the distillery no longer exists and there isn’t another batch on the way. To check availability and see if you can purchase this online you can hit that ‘shop now’ button below to find it on Drizly.


Christopher Cloos x Brady Collection

Tom Brady x Christopher Cloos sunglasses

Christopher Cloos

Thinking back a year I could I simply could not imagine a world where Tom Brady would leave the New England Patriots and come play for my Tampa Bay Buccaneers and relieve me of Jameis Winston’s INTs every Sunday. If you told me that was a possibility I would’ve laughed in your face. But here we are. Me, flipping on my TV on Sundays to root for the G.O.A.T. and his gorgeous Christopher Cloos custom shades.

This collaboration between Brady and Cloos are made with biodegradable frames. Brady wanted to bring his eye for precision to this collection and the two parties came together for these gorgeous shades. There are 16 options in total which you can check out by hitting that ‘shop now’ button below!


High-Performance Pieces From Janji Running Gear

Janji Running Gear


Well, guys, after competing in a ‘virtual’ 10K in August I regret to inform you all that I’m back on my b.s. and am training for another (longer) race next month which means I’ve got running on the mind most of the day. Janji Running Gear is a personal favorite of mine and a brand I think you gentlemen will love if you give it a chance. I’m particularly fond of their half-zip that has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to keep the rain away as well as their shorts.

I’ve pulled a few of my favorite pieces from Janji Running for you guys to check out. I’ve got two zip layers, a long sleeve tee, a pair of pants I’ve been wearing every day for a week, and your new favorite running shorts. First up is the Janji Men’s Transit Tech Half Zip ($88) which is a lightweight weather and wind-resistant shell that has the DWR finish, a kangaroo pocket in the middle, blue reflectivity for lowlight conditions, and more.

[1] Janji Men’s Transit Tech Half Zip [$88]

[2] Janji Mercury 1/4 Zip [$94]

[3] Janji Runterra LS Tee [$62]

[4] Janji Transit Pants [$88]

[5] Janji AFO 5″ Middle Running Shorts [$64]

MeUndies Men’s Long Boxer Brief W/ Fly

MeUndies Men's Boxer Briefs


Bros, it’s time to refresh your boxer brief situation by ditching the old and getting with the new. Thankfully, MeUndies is here to give you 8 different styles that are perfect for the Fall. You’ll save $8 on each pair if you order them monthly which is a steal. All you need to do to buy these now or sign up for the monthly option is hit that ‘shop now’ button below!


The Pike Pocket Knife

Pike Pocket Knife Tool for Everyday Carry

James Brand

The Pike is a super limited-edition pocket knife from The James Brand that I needed you gentlemen to know about before it’s gone. Only 300 of the Rosewood Brass model were made and they’ll be gone in no time. In addition to the Rosewood-Brass Pike model, there’s also Black on Black model with a handle made from ‘G10’ which is a high-pressure fiberglass composite. The blacked-out model might actually be my favorite of this new line of Pike Pocket Knives from The James Brand ($120).

The one thing that might trip you up about The Pike pocket knife is the price tag of $120 but this is truly a world-class tool that’s built for superior edge retention and can be used every day and passed down to the next generation.


Gear For Crushing The Week

best everyday carry essentials

First up here is the stylish and rugged G-Shock GMWB5000D-1 Watch ($550) and there are only 4 left in stock because it’s flying off the shelves. This is a ‘battle tested’ watch model that’s trusted by athletes, military, and it’s even NASA-space flight certified. It is resistant against electric shock, gravity, low temperatures, vibration, water, and impact and this particular model is a modern update on a classic style. Perhaps the coolest aspect of this watch is how it uses a radio signal to keep time. ‘G-Shock’s Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping technology to provide accurate timekeeping via radio signals from 6 transmitters worldwide’ and the solar panel keeps it juiced up using the sun’s light. Again, there are only 4 of these left in stock so if you’re interested you might want to act fast!

[1] G-Shock GMWB5000D-1 Watch [$550]

[2] Converse Custom ‘Federation’ Chuck 70 Sneakers [$115]

[3] The Hoodie by Asket [$110]

[4] Arc’teryx Levon Pants [$139]

[5] Bullet Space Pen [$25]

[6] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70]

[7] Parks Project Beanie 2 [$26]

[8] Mystery Ranch Zoid Bag 3.5L [$12.50]

[9] NanoTorch Compact LED Flashlight [$20]

[10] Roark Revival Day Trip Passenger 27L Backpack [$89]

100% Waterproof All-Weather Duckboots

All Weather Duckboot II


It’s Duckboot season and I can say this with complete confidence because I wore my duck boots within the past 24 hours. This year you’re going to get down with the best duckboots around, a new model that was just released by Huckberry.

The All-Weather Duckboot II ($188) laughs in the face of foul weather. Your feet will always stay dry and these boots look damn fine in two different colorways.

The Duckboot is a classic style that offers the durability and versatility of a Range Rover. It’s the rare bot style that you can dress up or down for foul weather and won’t be judged on the style of footwear because it’s a universally accepted boot. Whether you’re camping, hiking, riding, running errands, or headed to work in inclement weather this is the go-to style of the season.


Gear That’s Built To Last

everyday carry essentials

The Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket ($248) is a jacket you’ll only need to buy once in your lifetime because this is built to last. It features diamond quilting throughout the inside and outside, a shell made from the legendary (and highly water-resistant) British Millerain waxed canvas and super cozy insulation made from recycled Primaloft®. This is a jacket you can wear comfortably in the Rocky Mountains or on the streets of San Francisco, it’s stylish from coast to coast and across the pond.

[1] Cloos x Brady Collection ‘Ristretto’ Sunglasses [$189]

[2] Nisolo Javier Chelsea Boot in Brandy Leather [$230]

[3] Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket [$248]

[4] Wellen Organic Stretch Denim [$98]

[5] Benchmade Bugout Serrated Knife [$119]

[6] Leather Loop Key Chain [$28]

[7] Woolly Made Laser-Cut Leather 4-Card Wallet [$75]

[8] Brunton Lensatic Compass [$17]

[9] Ledlenser MT14 Flashlight [$99]

[10] Filson Dryden Ballistic Nylon Backpack [$225]

Limited-Edition Surfboard Collab

R Series Almond x Huckberry Surfboards Yusuke Hanai


Almond Surfboards have been hand-shaping custom boards in Costa Mesa, California for years. Their original mission was to shape California originals that ‘would be lasting in quality and function’ and they’ve been perfecting that process ever since and hand-shaping surfboards that can be passed down as heirlooms to the next generation. They’ve now teamed up with Japanese surfer/artist Yusuke Hanai for a retro-inspired Huckberry exclusive and released three different boards, each of which is limited to only 100 boards hand-shaped which means they’ll be gone before the holidays.

The three limited-edition boards include the R-Series 5’4″ ($399), R-Series 6’4″ ($529), and the R-Series 8’0″ ($550). The R-Series surfboards offer ‘no fiberglass, no wax, and no compromise in performance’ and they are 100% recyclable thanks to ‘Almond’s groundbreaking Recycling Loyalty Program and make no trade offs in their ability to rip’. I think what stands out the most about these surfboards beyond the craftsmanship and art is that you can literally rip on them and then hang them up in your man cave on the wall and they’ll look awesome.


Living Your Best Life

everyday carry essentials best life

The Filson Ultralight Vest ($125) is a stylish layer which can be worn year-round. It is filled with 60g PrimaLoft® Gold insulation which offers some of the best warmth-to-weight ratio around and the insulation is designed to hold warmth even if it gets weight. The pockets are lined with soft Moleskin, it has dual handwarmer pockets, a zippered interior pocket for EDC, and plenty more features to make your life better.

[1] Cloos x Brady Collection ‘Ristretto’ Sunglasses [$189]

[2] Converse Custom ‘Federation’ Chuck 70 Sneakers [$115]

[3] Filson Ultralight Vest [$125]

[4] Janji Transit Pants [$88]

[5] Ledlenser MT18 ‘Brighter Than A Car Headlight’ Flashlight [$199]

[6] Benchmade 380 Aller Multi-Tool [$136]

[7] Flint and Tinder Leather Card Wallet [$50]

[8] Daneson 2-Pack Single Malt & Bourbon Toothpicks [$18]

[9] Timex TW2U78300ZV-Diver Style Automatic Watch [$279]

[10] Aer Slim Pack Backpack [$115]

Streetwear from Asket

Asket streetwear jacket and hoodie


Here we have two ultra-premium and must-have layers from Asket. The Raw Denim Jacket is the ‘trucker jacket recast’. It is cut from their signature Japanese heritage raw denim in organic cotton and features a fully-lined black interior + hidden side pockets. This is the full package. Rock this all Fall and Winter with a plain t-shirt underneath and you’ll look fresh AF out there.

The Raw Denim Jacket [$300]

The Hoodie in Dark Navy [$110]

New Gear Releases This Week

best everyday carry essentials now

[1] Rotate North Altitude Pilot’s Watch [$333]

[2] Nisolo Javier Chelsea Boot in Black Leather [$230]

[3] The Raw Denim Jacket by Asket [$300]

[4] Flint and Tinder Stretch Utility Chinos [$98]

[5] Goal Zero Flip 24 Portable Charger [$30]

[6] YETI Rambler 26oz Bottle Chug Top [$40]

[7] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70]

[8] Astronaut Space Pen – Chrome [$60]

[9] The Mehlville Carabiner by The James Brand [$60]

[10] Topo Designs Rover Pack – Tech [$129]

4 CBD Products To Treat Common Problems: Hangovers, Recovery, Sleep, Energy

best CBD products hangovers recovery sleep and energy

I wanted to throw some of the Best CBD products available on your radar today so I figured I’d include four of them and each with a different focus. First up is the Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo which includes one bottle of gummies and one bottle of their Vegan AF formula and this is one of the best CBD treatments for hangovers out there today. Second, we see the Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick which is one of the top CBD products for recovery. In this instance, that’s referring to pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and appetite-regulating properties. Check it out!

On the bottom row, we’ve got the Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack which are one of the best CBD Sleep treatments you can find anywhere and they’re absolutely delicious. Check these out and thank me later. Lastly, we see the Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) which are a CBD treatment for boosting energy throughout the day by strengthening the parts of your body (cells) that are dragging you down. Give it a look!

[1] Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo (2 Bottle Combo) [$71]

[2] Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick (500mg) [$64]

[3] Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack [$19]

[4] Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) [$95]

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