50 Things We Want: Ultra-Premium Irish Whiskey, Best Tailgating Cooler Ever, And More

Waterford Single Farm Origin Irish Whisky: Dunmore

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In this week’s roundup of 50 Things We Want, we check out a trio of ultra-premium Irish Whiskeys from Waterford, a new Rye Whiskey from Blue Run Spirits, the single best tailgating and concert cooler bag ever designed in the history of mankind, and a whole lot more.

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50 Things We Want: Ultra-Premium Irish Whiskey, Best Tailgating Cooler Ever, And More

Waterford Single Farm Origin Irish Whiskey: Dunmore

Waterford Single Farm Origin Irish Whisky: Dunmore


I’ve been trying to expand my Irish Whiskey Palate lately and slowly but surely I’m discovering some incredible releases out there. Waterford Whiskey has a line of Single Farm Origin Irish Whiskeys that are blowing people away and I recently tried the Dunmore and had to come straight here and recommend it to you all.

The Dunmore is a Single Farm Origin Irish Single Malt Whiskey from Waterford. The first thing that caught my attention was the stunning bottle, they get a 10 out of 10 for looks. And once I had my first pour I was extremely impressed. It clocks in at 100-proof/50% ABV and was made using the finest barley they could get their hands one.

The term ‘Single Farm Origin’ is pretty self-explanatory but here is a list of what it really means for The Dunmore:


It’s an all-natural, very flavorful Irish Whiskey that also has two counterparts from Waterford: the Dunmore, Rathclogh, and Dunbell. At $95/bottle, it’s definitely an ultra-premium Irish Whiskey but one that is worth the price.

And if you’re on the fence about trying something new you should consider buying it as a gift for someone in your life who will then drink it with you so you can taste how special it is. You can hit that ‘buy’ button below to learn more, and click right here for a list of places to find Waterford Irish Whiskey for sale here in the USA.

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ICEMULE Clear™ – A Backpack Cooler For Gameday

Meet ICEMULE Clear™. It’s the world’s first transparent, air-insulated cooler – truly first of its kind. The sleek, minimalist design is easy to load up and soft on the shoulders. Compared to other bulky cooler backpacks, it’s super lightweight, weighing only 1.8 lbs.

It’s a complete game-changer, especially if you’re a big tailgater. ICEMULE’s air insulation technology allows for 5-7 hours of icy cold beverages when you load it up – ample time for hands-free carrying around a stadium or amphitheater parking lot.

It’s transparent, so you can see right through it – perfect for venues that have clear bag policies (but note, some venues have size restrictions on bags, so be sure to check ahead). With a 15 liter capacity, it can hold up to 15 cans or four 750 ML bottles with ice capacity to keep things cold and frosty.

Perfect use case example – Stadiums like this one in Oxford, Mississippi that are BYOB. There’s no zipper and it’s 100% waterproof, able to survive the elements. You can now buy an ICEMULE Clear™ via Icemule.com

Shop ICEMULE Coolers Here

Blue Run Golden Rye Whiskey Batch #02

Blue Run Golden Rye Whiskey Batch #02

When Blue Run Spirits released the first batch of their Golden Rye Whiskey it was not only my favorite Rye release of the year but it was my favorite whiskey of any type. So when I heard they were coming out with a Golden Rye Batch #02 I was excited, and that excitement turned to elation upon learning it was borne from the same distillation and Batch #01.

Blue Run’s Golden Rye Batch #02 came from 102 barrels and was bottled at 95 proof. It carries rich spicy notes characteristic of Rye but it’s so, soooo smooth that I almost want to pronounce it like J.B. Smoove’s last name. There’s a touch of ginger on the finish preceded by honey and sweet grains.

Blue Run Spirits Golden Rye Batch #01 was awarded a Golde Medal at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition which was what first piqued my interest. Now I’ms toked to dive into the second batch which is available for purchase right now on their website if you follow the link below!

Shop Blue Run Here

The Sonos Ray Compact Sound Bar Is Simply The Best

Imagine being able to group all your speakers together so everyone can enjoy the big game in sync, even in another room. Well, Sonos lets you listen to what you want, where you want, how you want. It’s exactly what we all want.

Beginning with a mission to help the world listen better, Sonos has gone beyond just delivering high-performance and incredible sound. What stands out is the way their products can connect to create the perfect sound system for your entire home.

If you have yet to experience what Sonos has to offer or need a boost to your current setup, the new Sonos Ray Compact Sound Bar is just what you need to get started.

As their most affordable AND compact soundbar yet, the Sonos Ray is the perfect first step towards connecting the whole house or apartment to the Sonos system. With the ability to easily add more speakers later, you’ll be on the path to building your own complete home audio system in no time.

The Sonos Ray is currently available in both black and white at World Wide Stereo.

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1936 Big Game Fish Map

This 1936 Big Game Fish Map Is A Perfect Gift For Guys Who Love Fishing

Coming up with gift ideas for guys who love fishing can be a nightmare for many reasons. First and foremost, guys who love fishing just go out and buy any new fishing gear if they need it. Trying to predict what fishing gear or accessories they might want as a gift can be an impossible task so that’s why buying fishing-adjacent gifts like this 1936 Big Game Fish Map is always a great idea.

This 1936 Big Game Fish Map is of the highest quality and at 24″ x 24″ it’s perfect for having framed and displaying in an office, man cave, tackle room, or elsewhere in the house.

Author Joe Godfrey Jr. and illustrator Gordon Ertz came up with this 1936 Big Game Fish Map as an ingenious way to get anglers in the USA back then to start fishing around the country in new locales. It’s not as if everyone in America always knew Florida was the saltwater fishing capital of the USA or that Montana and surrounding areas were the trout capitals. Most fishing lovers were just fishing in the lakes, streams, and rivers around them without branching out. Then came this map!

Buy 1936 Big Game Fish Map Now

The Carter Pocket Knife Is A Workhorse

The Carter Knife Micarta Black

James Brand

Today’s a pretty good day to upgrade your everyday carry pocket knife, isn’t it? You came here for a reason, you wanted to learn about one of the premier EDC options available. The Carter Pocket knife from The James Brand is widely revered as one of the finest everyday carry options around due to superior craftsmanship and materials.

Every aspect of The Carter pocket knife has been carefully considered and crafted to deliver you a perfect pocket knife for daily use, one that will last you a lifetime if you treat it well, and one that is lightweight and discreet enough to easily carry in your pocket without taking up too much space. This Natural Micarta + Black colorway is a favorite of everyday carry enthusiasts all over I’m 100% on board with it.

Buy The Carter Knife Here

Whiskey Peaks Double Wall Beer Stein Is A Man Cave Must-Have

This Whiskey Peaks Double Wall Beer Stein Is A Man Cave Must-Have

Whiskey Peaks doesn’t make just your average drinkware. Each piece is made from 100% lead-free handblown glass that’s light in weight and just as durable as leaded glass.

What’s cool is if you look inside each glass, you will notice a unique topographic impression of some of the world’s most amazing natural formations.

The drinkware maker has everything from beer glasses set with impressions of Half Dome and whiskey glasses set with impressions of the Grand Canyon. Whiskey Peaks just released a new double-walled beer stein to add to its arsenal. The glass is actually a Huckberry-exclusive, so you can only find this stein from the gear outfitter.

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7 Camping Essentials To Elevate Your Next Trip

7 Camping Essentials To Elevate Your Next Trip

Don’t let camping season pass you by this year before getting out in the Great Outdoors and appreciating all the gifts Mother Nature has to offer. And don’t go sleeping in the woods without ensuring you have the best camping essentials and gear to make it an enjoyable trip!

[1] Kammok Field Blanket in Soto Yellow [$94]

[2] Lems Shoes Trailhead in Stormy Night [$140]

[3] Dissim Inverted Lighter [$48]

[4] Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock [$84]

[5] YETI Trail Head Camp Chair [$300]

[6] Black Diamond Trail Zip 18L Day Pack [$49]

[7] The Redstone Pocket Knife [$99]

Best Rugged Daily Essentials In Natural Colors

Best Rugged Daily Essentials In Natural Colors And Earth Tones

If you are looking for some top-quality rugged daily essentials in earth tones to easily blend in then this gear roundup is for you. Our team of gear experts at BroBible pulled together this collection of apparel and everyday carry accessories to improve any guy’s existing collection.

[1] Floral Camo Short Sleeve Shirt [$78]

[2] Easymoc Chukka in Crazy Horse Tan [$104, usually $190]

[3] G-Shock GBA900UU-3A Watch [$130]

[4] GORUCK x Carryology Kaidan Bullet Backpack [$295]

[5] Craighill Offset Keyring in Vapor Black [$38]

[6] Flint and Tinder 365 Belt 2.0 in Dark Brown [$85]

[7] Leatherman Skeletool KBx [$45]

Best Men’s Daily Essentials This Month

8 Of The Best Men's Daily Essentials This Month

[1] Timex Harborside Coast Watch [$99]

[2] LUCA Terra Low Sneakers [$175]

[3] Cruisers Sunglasses in Black Transparent Slate [$35]

[4] SOG Knives Aegis AT Tanto [$110]

[5] Bellroy Hide & Seek RFID Wallet [$89]

[6] Patagonia Duckbill Cap in Black [$29]

[7] GOT Rolltop Backpack in Algae [149]

[8] Matte Black Shuttle Space Pen [$60]

8 Essentials For Whiskey Lovers

8 Essentials For Whiskey Lovers And Happy Hour Heroes

[1] Booker’s Bourbon ‘The Lumberyard Batch’ [$89]

[2] Whiskey Peaks ‘Diamond Head’ Set of 2 [$30]

[3] Banquet Pocket Tee in Navy Pilsner [$38]

[4] LUCA Dune Sandals in Moab [$52]

[5] High Camp Firelight 750 Flask in Copper [$125]

[6] The Apollo – 6 Card Wallet + Money Clip [$59]

[7] Weekenders in Rust/Amber [$35]

[8] Waxed Canvas 6-Panel Cap in Field Tan [$44]

Cooler Tote Bag From Bellroy Is A Game-Changer

This Cooler Tote Bag From Bellroy Is A Game-Changer For Keeping Cans Cold

The all-new Bellroy Cooler Tote bag is perfect for keeping cans cool this Summer. Really, it can keep your cans or groceries cold year-round so specifying Summer is unnecessary but this bag is clutch.

The Bellroy Cooler Tote is durably insulated to ensure your ice or ice packs keep everything in the bag cold. It is ideal for boat days, beach days, river trips, camping, picnics, or bringing food to a friend’s BBQ. And what sets this Cooler Tote apart from the competition is the ergonomics and weight. Some competing bags are heavy or don’t sit right on your shoulder. This one is easy and comfortable to carry. Let’s check it out.

Shop Cooler Tote Now

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