This Badass Bachelor Pad Coffee Table Includes A Fridge, LED Lights, Charging Ports, And Speakers — Here’s How To Get It $100 Off

by 1 year ago

Cheap Ikea coffee tables serve their purpose when you’re broke and uninspired. But what about when when you want to elevate the most important room in your crib — the living room — to the next level?

Insert the vision for a piece of furniture we love: The Sobro – A Cooler Coffee Table.

The design innovators at StoreBound have created the ultimate bachelor pad coffee table, complete with a built in fridge drawer, Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, and a variety of LED lighting options for setting the mood. You’ll never have to peel yourself off the couch for a beer again, plus the SoBro’s sexy modern design makes the perfect centerpiece for your living room.

This week the SoBro surged past their goal on IndieGoGo. As an exclusive “secret perk” for BroBible readers, they’re offering $100 off the revolutionary coffee table — You can now grab it for $799 on IndieGoGo using this link only. That’s 46% off the retail price when they push it to market for over $1400.


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