TiniTopper – Stop Spilling And Getting Unwanted Germs In Your Drink

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‘Tis the season of good beverages, guys, as bars (slowly) reopen and BBQs in the backyard are in full swing. While that means plenty of fun, it also means there’s the high probability of a few wounded soldiers spilling. Nobody wants that.

Like, imagine all the times you’re walking back from ordering at the bar after paying $15 for a fancy cocktail and, boom, as soon as you sit down, you realize a quarter of the drink spilled on the 15-step journey back to the table. It’s brutal.

Kiss those days goodbye, though, because TiniTopper‘s going to save you from wasting any of that drink in your hand, protecting you from spillage, bugs or unwanted germs from dropping in. It’s the perfect drinking caddy for the summer, fellas.

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Designed to help eliminate spills, the TiniTopper gets rid of any mess, any stickiness, and any unwanted things from floating around in your drink. And because it was created by two brothers with decades of experience working in the restaurant/bar industry, it’s clearly something the pros use — and now it’s available for you and your buddies this summer.

Here are a few more details about the TiniTopper.

  • Eliminate spills
  • Protect your beverage
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Easy to stack
  • Includes 8 tinitoppers per pack
  • Includes holder
  • Keep germs out of your drink
  • 5″ diameter – fits most glasses

The TiniTopper also has three different packs to choose from — 1 Pack = 8 tinitoppers, 2 Pack = 16 tinitoppers, 4 Pack = 32 tinitoppers — so you’ve got options to stock up for the summer.

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TiniTopper‘s mission is to enhance the drinking experience for everybody trying to have a good time. Whether that’s at home, with family/friends at the bar, at backyard parties or anywhere else you dine, eliminating spills, keeping bugs out and keeping your drink safe from airborne contaminates is the name of the game. So make sure to scoop yours up for all the boozing you’re about to do beneath that sunshine all summer long.

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