These Are The 12 Types Of Tools You’ll Need To Survive Just About Anything

Men like to think they’ll survive any major catastrophe. We love to think about it so much that we daydreams ways of escaping almost every situation. (I keep having this recurring daydream about how I’d escape my bathroom at home in the event of a home invasion and it involves a book of matches, a can of hairspray and a makeshift flamethrower. Second option is a Molotov cocktail made from festive soap.)

Emergency Essentials, a company that sells survival gear, explains in this handy infographic that a person really only needs 12 sets of tools to survive even the biggest of catastrophe.

Of course, there’s also a level of planning involved. You couldn’t collect this stuff in an hour. So, start preparing now because you never know. I’ll be home making flamethrowers for fun, awaiting my eventual demise.

[via LifeHacker]

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