12 Unique Men’s Wedding Rings Under $100

Game Of Thrones Ring

Men once wore rings for two specific reasons — to signify being married or being “somebody.”

A ring sent a message. Men wore rings to signal status, show they make a ton of money, display membership of a certain group (either known or underground) and even that they’ve had success in their specific field. How many times have you watched a sports announcer flash his championship ring during pregame chit-chat?

Because more men are wearing rings “just because”, men’s wedding rings are experiencing a revolution. They don’t just have to be boring bands anymore. Men don’t have to pick from simple yellow gold or platinum wedding bands. Men’s rings now come with unique details and are made from alternative metals. A unique men’s wedding ring symbolizes “yes, I’m married, but my wife doesn’t pick out all my stuff.”

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We did some digging and found some unique men’s wedding rings that fit into any lifestyle and replace those boring old wedding bands.

Unique Men's Wedding Rings 2

1. Stainless Steel Skull Hand
2. Hi Voltage Generator Steampunk Ring
3. Star Wars Stainless Steel 3D Stormtrooper Ring
4. Tiger Eye Gothic Skull
5. Oakky FTW Men’s Ring
6. Official Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Academy Ring
7. Tungsten Carbide Ring with Green Hunting Camouflage
8. Celtic Cross Shield
9. Games of Thrones House Lannister Men’s Ring
10. Pyramid Studded Thin Band
11. Genuine Koa Wood And Turquoise
12. Men’s Silicone Wedding Ring

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