21 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts – Ranking The Best Damn Gifts For Her

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Fellas – I’m here to tell you that finding a unique gift for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a groan-inducing chore.

Yes, it’s a high pressure holiday. Yes, it’s the quintessential Hallmark holiday. Yes, expectations for “doing something special” for your romantic partner on February 14th are often very lofty. 

What’s important is that you do something, even if you’re tongue-tied and clueless about what constitutes a special Valentine’s Day gift.

Really, the key to giving unique Valentine’s Day gifts in a healthy relationship can be distilled down to one word:


There are many ways to be thoughtful on Valentine’s Day, from the cliche (…can you really ever go wrong with roses?) to the delightfully simple (Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Oreos, anyone?)  to the extraordinary (… nothing beats a massage gun sesh at the end of a long day).

We’re here to help in your quest for the best damn gift for her.

Our 2021 Valentine’s Day gift guide.

One Dozen Red Roses and Homesick Candle

Roses and candles, bundled together at a great price via ProFlowers. Cliche for a good reason: Thoughtful and romantic, it sets the mood for the entire day to that special someone.


  • A farm-fresh bunch of 12 roses and foliage.
  • Includes a homesick® ‘Love Letters’ candle.
  • This bouquet comes with floral food and care instructions, packed carefully within a gift box.
  • As soon as you take your bouquet out of the box, trim the stems at an angle and place them in room temperature water with flower food. For long-lasting blooms, trim the stems and replace the water daily.
  • Candle Top Notes: Rose Petals, Jasmine. Mid Notes: Sandalwood, Peony. Base Notes: Lemon, Red Plum.
  • Stems: Roses, Spray Roses, Ruscus.


Heart-Shaped Succulent

Simple yet extremely thoughtful. This year for Valentine’s Day, Pro Flowers is offering the Hoya Heart Succulent – a plant that lasts throughout the year, sure to make their heart happy. As the saying goes, it’s the simple things that go the furthest.

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Dyson Airwrap

It’s pretty pricy, but if you’re really looking to impress without splurging for bling, the Dyson Air Wrap is the Rolls Royce of all hair styling kits. It’s one of those aspirational Valetine’s Day gifts that’s serious.



Rose Gold Sunglasses from Randolph Engineering

If you’re not familiar, Randolph Engineering is the Massachusetts-based company that crafts high performance aviators for the United States Military. Inspired by Amelia Earhart, The Amelia their first product inspired by feminine fashion, featuring a 22k Rose Gold jewelry Quality frame finish.



Lady Gaga Chromatica Oreos

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like OREOs. I also don’t know a single person who doesn’t like Lady Gaga. Best of both worlds in a single pack. Gaga linked up with everyone’s favorite crisp, creme-filled wafer cookie for a limited edition drop that’s now live. It’s a twist on the beloved Golden OREO, inspired by Gaga and her “Little Monsters.” Pink-colored Golden OREO cookies, filled with green creme.

Best $3.99 you’ll ever spend. You can buy them at your local Target too  – if you can get them! These things are selling out like crazy.



Massage Gun

Theragun PRO Handheld Percussive Massage Gun with Travel Case

Massage guns have been around forever, but they’re enjoying a renaissance this winter as a must-have for relaxing at home. The other week, we came out with a list ranking thebest massage guns on Amazon, which includes the sleek and modern Theragun. It’s being called an “all new” 4th generation massage gun, it’s quiet and features customizable speed range.


Lightbox Jewelry

It can’t get any bigger on Valentine’s Day than statement jewelry for your significant other, especially in a year when you’ve only seen each other in sweatpants. There are million options out there of all shapes and sizes, but consider Lightbox if you’re embarking down this route. They’re the premiere company for affordable lab-grown diamonds, grown in their lab in Portland, Oregon and set in earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets – priced at just $800 per carat.


Plover Robes

Introducing… the leisure robe. Plover is a new company that makes buttery soft robes with performance fabric that adapts to any environment. It’s not your grandma’s bath robe – It’s a great fitting garment that keeps you as cool and dry on a hot day at the beach, as well as warm on a cool night while camping. These are adventure robes, for comfort and relaxation around the house or on the go.



The Valentines Bouquet

Simple and straight to the point: A beautiful bouquet of roses via FTD, the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet you can send anywhere. 


  • The Better Bouquet is about 17″H by 17″W.
  • For long–lasting blooms replace water and trim stems daily.
  • The bouquet pictured reflects our original design for this product. While we always try to follow the color palette, we may replace stems to deliver the freshest bouquet possible, and we may sometimes need to use a different vase.

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The Night Sky Personalized Star Maps


You’ve probably seen the Facebook and Instagram ads, we’re just here to remind you how awesome The Night Sky gifts are for commemorating special dates and moments. The premise is simple, etched in infinity by the cosmic clock: A personalized map of the Stars from a time and place that meant the world to you.



Trade Coffee Subscription

Coffee and wine – two mainstays of the pandemic. Think of Trade like an Amazon just for craft-roasted coffee. Rather than springing for a gift card at Big Coffee, Trade is a service that links you up with the best local coffee roasters across the US. Your special someone will be getting something lovingly roasted that supports small business. Subscriptions can be crafted to taste.


The Reign from Vincero Watch

Vincero has done an incredible job at making gorgeous timepieces for a great price. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, their new collection – The Reign – is a bold and dynamic women’s watch that looks great in all kinds of situations.


Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs

Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs are consistently one of Amazon’s most wanted beauty product. And it’s under $10. Thousands have touted how great it is for dry winter skin, leaving skin soft, smooth, and gently exfoliated.



Half a Dozen Valentine’s Day Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries

A tried and true classic – decadent and delicious chocolate-covered strawberries, delivered exactly when you need it on the lead up to the big day from Pro Flowers.


  • This gift may contain nuts.
  • Arrives in a gift box.
  • Includes six strawberries hand-dipped in Belgian milk, dark, and white chocolate. Each berry is hand decorated with red chocolate drizzles or heart sprinkles.

An online psychic reading via Keen.com

Sure, a weighted blanket is nice, but we’re all about out-of-the-box, unconventional gifts here at BroBible. It’s been one heck of a year, so why not see what’s in the cards with a psychic consultancy via Keen.com. Keen is a platform that links up psychic advisors with clients, offering consultations for psychic readings, life questions, astrology advice, and tarot readings. It’s the gift of figuring out the right path.



Lululemon – Activewear and beyond

Comfort uber alles these days, which is why Lululemon has become a modern classic for gift giving-season. From leggings to joggers to hoodies, Lululemon has lots of athleisure staples to keep things comfortable this winter and spring.


One Dozen Mixed Rose Bouquet and Chocolates Gift Set

An absolute classic: One dozen roses and chocolates, mixed together in a stunning arrangement from Pro Flowers.


  • A farm-fresh bunch of 12 roses and foliage.
  • Includes a pink glass vase and a box of assorted chocolates.
  • This gift may contain nuts.
  • This bouquet comes with floral food and care instructions, packed carefully within a gift box.
  • As soon as you take your bouquet out of the box, trim the stems at an angle and place them in room temperature water with flower food. For long-lasting blooms, trim the stems and replace the water daily.
  • Stems: Mixed Roses.

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Brancott Estate New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc x The Unlikely Florist

Brancott Estate is the vineyard that originated and popularized the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc style. For Valentine’s Day, they’re teaming up with The Unlikely Florist to flip the traditional bouquet around.  When consumers purchase a Flipster Bouquet via The Unlikely Florist, Brancott Estate will gift an arrangement to a recipient of their choice. Promo starts Feb. 5. 


The Wand – Wine Purifier

This is one of those simple novelty gifts that will be very appreciated. The Wine Wand claims “no more wine headaches” by eliminating sulfites and histamines with a simple wand in a glass of wine. It’s basically a filter on a stick that purifies wine varietals with a simple swirl of the glass. Available on Amazon



Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Carafe

When you’re really ready to level up your wine gadgetry for the home bar, it’s time to go big with a Ullo carafe to filter your win. Consider the wine purifier…

  • PURE WINE – Ullo purifies any red wine or white wine by selectively removing the sulfite preservative. Ullo’s wine filter technology keeps all the wine tannin, flavors, and aromas in your wine glasses.
  • SULFITE FREE – Enjoy any wine without the common side effects of sulfites. Sulfite removal for wine acts as a wine opener by freeing flavor and aroma compounds while also alleviating headaches and hangover caused by sulfites.
  • LEAD FREE CRYSTAL CARAFE – Similar to a wine aerator Üllo’s hand blown wine decanter and wine purifier is the kitchen gadget that will let your wine’s aromas, and flavors of your favorite red wine or white wine come alive.
  • EASY TO USE – UIIo disassembles easily and is dishwasher safe. UIIo’s carafe easily accommodates hand-washing or brush and is simple to handle and pour. Perfect if storage space is tight



Sunday Scaries Gummies

Sunday Scaries is the OG CBD gummy brand, now with pink, strawberry-flavored gummies that boast 10 mg of high-quality CBD plus an extra boost of Vitamin C. With the Bra Berries, Sunday Scaries has pledged a year-round donation of $2 per bottle to The Pink Agenda, a non-profit organization committed to raising money for breast cancer research and care, as well as awareness of the disease among young professionals.


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