Never Have A Dead Phone Again Thanks To This Cheap Portable Charger That’s Waterproof, Shockproof, And Dirt/Dust Proof


We’ve all been in this situation: You’re at a music festival or party and your phone dies. A couple hours later, when you finally find a way to charge, you discover a handful of texts from the girl you’ve been chatting up inviting you over to her camp site. Except that was hours ago and the window of opportunity was missed big time.

In an era of cheap, heavy duty portable battery chargers, there’s no excuse for having a dead phone. Never have that problem again with the FosPower PowerActive 10200 mAh Power Bank. This charger was made for the hearty outdoorsman, designed to be snow proof, dirt proof, drop proof and water proof. It will survive almost any adventure you put it through.

This rugged portable battery charger is a steal over on Amazon Prime today. It’s only $23.99 while supplies last, so go grab it before your summer weekend adventures in the wilderness. The USB chargers works with any iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet.

After all, if you can’t Instagram or Snapchat while at a music festival or on a kayaking/hiking/fishing adventure with your buddies, did it *really* happen?

BUY ON AMAZON: FosPower PowerActive 10200 mAh Portable Battery Charger for $23.99