It’s Time To Grow Up And Get A Big Boy Overnight Bag Like This True Sport Duffle

True Sport Duffle Bag


It’s about time to dump your old high school gym bag or college duffle or bag you used only to crash at a chicks house for the weekend. Upgrade your bag game with a Genius True Sport bag.

True Sport Duffle Bag by Genius Pack, which might be the most versatile and practical gym bag for fitness enthusiasts, outdoor lovers and weekend warriors. This innovative duffle has a place for everything, yet it’s extremely lightweight and durable; it is incomparable to anything you’ve ever seen.

With built-in Laundry Compression Technology (LCT), the True Sport Duffle keeps dirty clothes separate from clean clothes. So after the gym, your damp, sweaty workout gear goes in the LCT compartment, while your clean clothes stay fresh and dry. Here’s how it works: Laundry is disposed through a side access laundry chute and is stored in a secluded compartment in the interior of the bag. When your trip is done, roll up the compression bag, expel unwanted air through the integrated air valve, and then buckle the straps and tighten. Upon arriving home, the entire laundry bag can be unzipped.

Other cool new features include an umbrella pop-out, integrated visual checklist inside the bag, plenty of space-saving compartments for gloves, balls and braces, a handy shoulder carrying strap and quick-access front pockets for smartphones, trackers, earphones and other devices.

The True Sport Duffle by Genius Pack is available in eight colors and two sizes.