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Where To Watch ‘Zola’ FREE Online

Watch Zola and other great A24 movies FREE on Plex this month

We have a lot of affinity for Florida shenanigans here at BroBible. There’s something magical about the idea of a state in our country that consistently delivers stories and headlines that don’t seem plausible. One of those stories made waves a few years ago in a Twitter thread. That thread became the inspiration for the A24 hit Zola, which you can watch FREE on Plex this month.


You can count on A24 movies to always deliver one-of-a-kind narratives, and Zola is no exception. It follows the story of two strippers (Riley Keough and Taylour Paige) who journey from Detroit to Tampa for a new strip club opportunity. What ensues is a sex- and violence-fueled rollercoaster ride that you will make you laugh, cringe, and get your heart rate going.

In addition to Paige and Keough (Elvis Presley’s granddaughter), you’ll also recognize familiar faces like Nicholas Braun (Greg from Succession) and Jason Mitchell (Eazy-E from Straight Outta Compton). Here’s a hot take: I prefer Zola over Spring Breakers. Do what you will with that information.

Where To Watch Zola FREE Online

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