‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort’s 1991 Ferrari Is For Sale Because We All Know What Happened To His Lamborghini

Don’t crawl, WALK, to own a piece of history. Unfortunately, it’s not the Lamborghini from this clip. Rest in peace to that machine. It’s a 1991 Ferrari Testarossa owned by Belfort.

In 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street, we all saw Jordan Belfort demolish a gorgeous Lamborghini Countach (among other items) after downing a few too many Lemon 714 Quaaludes. Not seen in the movie, however, was his similarly iconic 1991 Ferrari Testarossa, which is for sale and is presented by the exotic car specialists at Monegasque Classic. With a scant 8,300 miles, Belfort’s white Testarossa is in perfect condition with none of the Lambo’s cringe-inducing damage. Originally delivered to Belfort by Kessler Motors of New York, the car has been in the loving hands of two collectors that have kept it in pristine, like new condition.

Quaaludes not included.

[via Cool Material]