YETI Coolers Announces The YETI LoadOut GoBox 30 – The World’s Toughest Cargo Box

Depending on your lifestyle, keeping the trunk of your car organized is no easy task. For example, the back of my Jeep Grand Cherokee, at the moment, is stuffed to the gills with everything I need for day trips around Southern California: Hiking shoes, sweat shirts, beach chairs, beach towels, paper towels, a camping table, bottles of sunscreen and drinks, scattered in every direction.

I’d gander there’s a big chance the back of your truck or SUV is similar, especially in the summer when you want your stuff for the outdoors in your car.

Every truck or SUV needs a box to stash tools, gear, ropes, lashing, and the spare fleece or rain jacket. After venturing into the outdoor chair, blanket, and dog bowl space in the back half 2018, YETI Coolers has its sights set on keeping the inside of your car (…or, whatever) organized.

The new YETI LoadOut GoBox 30 is a darn tough box to keep your gear organized, yet mobile. It’s “nearly indestructible” and weights 11.8 lbs empty.

It’s built to lug your stuff lugged “in and out of the truck, the boat, and the blind.”

Also: Good for stashing your survival tools, battle axes, and tactical flashlights for the zombie apocalypse.

Just don’t expect the YETI LoadOut GoBox to keep your beer cold – But YETI insists it’s not a cooler, so… probably don’t load it up for ice? (…there are plenty of other great YETI products for that, available here)

I’d like to think of the YETI LoadOut GoBox as the world’s biggest and strongest fishing tackle box. Includes a divider, a caddy, and what YETI is calling a “Pack Attic™” on the inside lid to stuff things you need a-packed, kind of like a suitcase.

Cost of the YETI LoadOut GoBox: $249.99

Available on May 8th.





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