You Can Master The Art Of YouTube And Start Making Serious Bank Off Your Videos With This 5-Course Bundle

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It’s silly for you to keep aimlessly throwing up videos on YouTube in hopes that one day a video might actually gain traction and you’ll somehow become Internet famous. The most successful YouTube personalities and content makers have refined their craft over the years using a very specific set of tools, and it just so happens that they’re willing to share that knowledge with the world wide web for a minor price ($29). If you were to purchase these e-learning courses separately they’d each cost several hundred dollars, but bundled together for this one time offer they’re selling for under thirty bucks. So here’s what you’ll be getting…

YouTube Mastery Bundle: $29

‘YouTube Secrets: Thumbnails & Graphics’ Course — Craft Eye-Catching Thumbnails, Channel Art & Banners to Increase Views

— Dive into over 16 lectures & 1.5 hours of content
— Create thumbnails & graphics specifically for YouTube w/ free programs
— Increase views, subscribers & income
— Catch the eye of web surfers w/ great images
— Look into the best performing thumbnails
— Make your videos stand out w/ zero design experience

‘How to Promote Your Business on YouTube’ Course — A Behind the Scenes Guide to Successful YouTube Promotion

— Watch over 58 lectures & 3.5 hours of content
— Attract interest in your business through your YouTube channel
— Reach the top of the YouTube charts
— Increase your YouTube views instantly
— Grow your YouTube subscriber list
— Quickly message your subscriber list
— Understand the demographics of your viewers & why you are successful in some areas
— Pull engagement reports & analyze the statistics
— Get the inside tour of the instructor’s YouTube account
— Grasp the YouTube copyright basics
— Learn why some channels get millions of views & others get zero

‘How I Make $2000 a Month on YouTube With No Filming’ Course — Monetize Your YouTube Experience Like a Pro

— Learn w/ over 81 lectures & 6 hours of content
— Study ways to make over $2,000 month over month w/ no experience or camera
— Get instant free access to top-quality videos
— Use titles to maximize profits
— Utilize descriptions to optimize success
— Get your videos recommended during other videos
— Find free music to incorporate into your videos
— Understand YouTube analytics available to you
— Draw in an audience by including relevant tags

The Complete YouTube Channel Course: Get Paid to Make Videos — Go Viral. Optimize Your SEO Strategy to Reach the Top of the Charts!

— Learn four ways to make money on YouTube in over 55 lectures & 6 hours of content
— Seamlessly upload new videos to your channel
— Improve your YouTube channel to gain more followers
— Understand what equipment is needed for filming
— Create your own YouTube tutorials to monetize your knowledge
— Study SEO tactics like titles, tagging, descriptions, etc.
— Create eye-catching thumbnails consistent w/ your brand presence
— Utilize Google AdWords
— Remove & follow up on copyright strikes

YouTube Secrets & Myths – By YouTube Certified Instructor’ Course — Find YouTube Success from the Get Go–Learn from a Certified Expert!

— Watch 20 lectures & 47 minutes of video content
— Recognize & dispel YouTube myths
— Make the most out of the “logged out home page” & “what to watch”
— Capitalize on subscription feeds
— Understand factors for ranking high on YouTube
— See the relationship between YouTube sections & specific metrics
— Master the search page
— Improve your YouTube videos

Buy It Here: $29

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