In Case You Missed It, 50 Cent And Leah Remini Had A Very In-Depth Discussion On Live TV About Eating Ass

50 Cent and Leah Remini were on the latest edition of Watch What Happens Live and all they could talk about was eating ass.

Seriously. Despite the fact that Remini was ostensibly there to talk about her new tell-all about Scientology she simply couldn’t stop talking about it.

You see, the last time one of 50 Cent’s exes Vivica A. Fox appeared on the show she told the world that Fitty enjoyed a little butt-licking in the bedroom.

The rest of the show was just Remini making jokes about ass-licking…

“That’s the problem! You let someone lick your ass, and look what happens. Don’t let anybody lick your ass!” she shouted at 50.

Then when asked if she would ever, uh, partake, she responded, “I don’t do that. There’s no reason to do that? I’m not bashing Vivica at all, because I did work with her, and she’s nice but if I was a guy and I had that kind of watch and those kind of sneakers, and a bitch would lick my ass I’d let her lick my ass.”

Later she even asked him to demonstrate, “”How do you work in the ass lick? Take me through it.”

It’s “an awkward position,” 50 Cent responded.

Yeah, kind of like this entire interview….

Nicki Minaj would be very proud.

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