We Need To Start To A GoFundMe For Poor Abigail Ratchford Who Can’t Afford To Buy A Shirt

The alluring Abigail Ratchford should be very wealthy, she is a model with over 4.3 million followers on her tantalizing Instagram. However, she may need to consider selling diet tea on her Instagram because it doesn’t appear that she has any money.

The destitute, but dazzling Abigail can’t even afford a TracFone and is forced to use a watermelon slice to communicate with others. The horror!


The chesty goddess apparently doesn’t have money for a bra or a shirt.


So she is forced to use her hands.


Anybody else wish that Abigail had much, much smaller hands?


She can’t even afford pants that fit her properly.

Maybe she could use that bandana to cover herself up?


Besides not having clothes, this beautiful creature doesn’t even have a bed and is forced to sleep on a table. Breaks my heart.


Wearing a boa as your clothes may be fine for Jesse “The Body” Ventura, but not for the breathtaking Abi.


For only pennies a day, you can clothe the amazing Abigail Ratchford. Won’t you please help.

(Every guy hides their money)


Why doesn’t she buy clothes with that fat stack of cash?


She is forced to use a towel as an entire outfit.


She can’t afford a bra so she must use these Ace of Spades bottles for support of her massive jugs.


Wait a minute here. I think we’ve all been bamboozled.

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