Alexandra Daddario Of ‘True Detective’ And ‘Baywatch’ Just Did A DELIGHTFUL New Photo Shoot

First off, let’s just get this out of the way because it’s obligatory anytime we discuss Alexandra Daddario.

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Never get tired of that scene from True Detective.

Okay, with that taken care of, Daddario, who I can’t believe is somehow 31-years-old (she could pass for much younger) and is my favorite actress in the whole wide world, just did a sexy new photo shoot for GQ Mexico.

I don’t read Spanish so I have to assume it is to promote Baywatch or some other movie, but really it doesn’t matter why. What matters is that she did it and it’s so wonderful it almost makes me forget that she’s dating, ugh, Justin Verlander’s younger baseball-playing brother.

And because, as I may have mentioned, Daddario is my favorite actress in the whole wide world, I am throwing in some bonus pics. You know, to help her out and try to get more people to see her movie so she gets even more roles in big summer movies.

These next three photos I just threw in here as a little extra because…yo…

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