Barry Zito’s HOT Wife Amber Seyer Is REALLY GOOD At Not Wearing Very Much Clothing

Amber Seyer Barry Zito wife

YouTube - Brevin Blach

Wow, a Barry Zito mention. When was the last time we had one of those? Leave it to his ridiculously hot wife Amber Seyer, Miss Missouri 2007, to get his name back out there. Wonder how his music career is coming along?

Anyway, here’s what we know about Amber Seyer, the most important person of in this pairing…

One, I couldn’t find a single damn Instagram or Twitter account for her, and I looked my ass off so if you are aware of either one of these, please do let me know. Two, she does have a Wikipedia page where we learn that in addition to being Miss Missouri she also was Miss Missouri Teen USA 2003. Three, she finished tenth overall in the Miss USA pageant in 2007. Four, she’s been married to Barry Zito since December 3rd, 2011. And five, she was in a Powerade commercial that was banned from appearing during the Super Bowl in 2009. You may view that below.

With that out of the way, we fast forward to today and see that Amber Seyer is still REALLY good looking and is definitely not shy when it comes to posing in very little clothing for the camera.

Why this woman isn’t blowing up Instagram and Twitter all over the place right now is a mystery to me, because good lord she’s attractive.

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