Former ‘American Idol’ Contestant Describes His Alleged Sexual Relationship With Paula Abdul


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You may remember a decade back when rumors swirled about Paula Abdul boning an American Idol contestant who looked like a store brand Lenny Kravitz.

Tell me I’m wrong.

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His name is Corey Clark, and he claimed that what started out as a mentorship developed into a three-month long sexual relationship, which Paula denies. Clark, however, provided voicemails and calling records as well as multiple eyewitness accounts of Clark and Abdul being intimate together in public places to substantiate his claim.

My personal belief is that Paula and Clark boned, but the exposure brought about startling revelations about Clark that Paula wanted to distance herself from–namely that Clark was sued by Wal-Mart in April 2000 for passing more than $600 in bad checks. Since then, he’s been arrested on drug charges and a felony aggravated harassment involving domestic violence. Yikes.

Clark is currently in an ongoing legal battle with E! Television network in which Clark claims that he was unfairly characterized in an E! True Hollywood Story episode about Abdul.

In his deposition, the now-36-year-old discusses his alleged sexual relationship with the pop icon.

Via Daily Mail,

Later in his deposition, Clark went into the details of the alleged affair and discussed a ‘graphic’ interview he had with Howard Stern.

He admitted to talking about how Abdul groomed her private parts, and whether or not he and Abdul had engaged in oral and anal sex.

‘The closest I got was having doggy style sex with her, and that was briefly because she was like, okay, this is too much,’ he said when asked about anal sex.

Clark said that he never made a sex tape with Abdul, that no one had watched them have intercourse and that they hadn’t participated in a threesome.

‘Nobody ever saw me penetrating her vagina with my penis, no, but there are at least two different people from her side of the fence that caught us in bed nude together,’ he added.

A little quick to bring up the anal convo, huh Corey? Jesus. I guess when you got a hot hand, you gotta play it.

Clark is reportedly working as an Uber driver in California following a string of legal troubles.

God damn I wonder how many people get picked up by this dude in his ’98 Toyota Corolla and snicker in the backseat as he tells them about conquering a pop goddess. Ah, to be a fly on the windshield during that convo.