Meet Amy Maxim: The Woman With The Largest Breasts In Thailand

Model Amolwan “Amy” Sirikittirat, aka Amy Maxim, has undergone three breast enhancement surgeries, including her most recent procedure to insert 700cc of silicone into her breasts. She now can boast to owning an eye-popping set of 50-inch boobs; boobs which she claims are the biggest pair in all of Thailand.

“People like different things. Some like to buy houses, cars or brand-name stuff, but I like big boobs. The first time I saw my new boobs, I thought they were beautiful, and I’m very proud to have them,” reports Coconuts Bangkok.

But why would anyone want FIFTY INCH BOOBS, Amy? She did it for the “best” of all reasons, because of her boyfriend.

“He told me I didn’t have to get a boob job, but I’m afraid he won’t love me,” Amy told Manager earlier this month, pre-boob job. “He’s been following other pretties’ with big boobs on Instagram.”

Amy goes on, “I want to set the record for the biggest boob job in Thailand. I discussed with my doctor and did some research on my own. Nobody in Thailand has ever gotten a 700cc implants before, not even ladyboys.”

Unfortunately for Amy, Guinness does not have an official category for largest artificial breasts at this time. Perhaps Amy can be the trailblazer that gets this new category added to next year’s edition. Godspeed, Amy…

And because I’m nice and because I know you’ll want to, here’s Amy’s Instagram account so you can “investigate” further.