WHOA! Check Out The Boob-Revealing Outfit Anastasia Ashley Wore To The Players Championship

Anastasia Ashley understands social media.

Anastasia Ashley is pretty much our favorite professional surfer in the world. Ever since we discovered her twerking during her warmups she’s been all over our radar.

That’s because ever since she did that she’s done nothing but share one ridiculously sexy picture after another on her A++ Instagram account.

I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about how well she’s done in competition over the past couple of years, and I don’t care. She’s still my favorite surfer.

I also couldn’t tell you why she was at The Players Championship in this boob-revealing outfit, but for those who were in attendance it must have been quite the scene to witness first-hand.

Did I mention that Anastasia Ashley is my favorite professional surfer? Oh, she also shared these pics over the weekend. They’re pretty good too.