Anna Kendrick’s Post Tough Mudder Selfie Is Appropriately Messy, Somehow Still Sexy

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A good headline is crucial to a successful post. But it’s also one of the hardest things you can do in this business. How do you come up with something that grabs the reader’s attention, but doesn’t oversell what you’ve got, and is witty and funny to boot?

Luckily, we have a team of really smart Bros here, so when I saw this sexy selfie of Anna Kendrick (fresh of a booty shaking appearance on Lip Sync Battle) after what appears to be a Tough Mudder or something, I asked the Bro team to assemble. Oh and they did.

(I don’t think this is a Tough Mudder, just a hole in the mud with some logs on top. Like I said. Headlines! Tricky!)

Here’s the photo. While that above headline is alright (you are here!), the much better ones we couldn’t use are below. They’re good, but if you’ve got something funnier, bring it in the comments.

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Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

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Here’s the start of the convo:

David: Hows this for a headline: Anna Kendrick’s Post Tough Mudder Selfie Is Appropriately Messy and Somehow Still Sexy
J Camm: Although I don’t find her to be attractive. You can say that. I will allow it
David: Okay. Anna Kendrick’s Post Tough Mudder Selfie Is Appropriately Muddy and Somehow Still Sexy Depending Upon Your Personal Beauty Preferences And When The Last Time You Masturbated Was
Doug: nailed it

After that exchange, the Bros had their fun. Here are their best.

Anna Kendrick Posted A Selfie After A Tough Mudder And I’ve Got The Weirdest Boner Right Now
Anna Kendrick Posted A Selfie After A Tough Mudder And I’m Covered In That White Crud From ‘Black Sheep’
Anna Kendrick Looks Like Shit In This Photo
The Earth Took A Giant Dump All Over Anna Kendrick Today And I’m Still Turned On
Is Anna Kendrick Going To Kinky Sex Parties Where She Covers Herself In Shit?
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Confirmed: Anna Kendrick Plays In The Mud
Confirmed: Anna Kendrick Likes Butt Stuff
Anna Kendrick Likes To Play In The Mud And Looks Good Doing It
See Anna Kendrick’s Brown Eye … From The Mud .. You Sick Fucks
Brittany Snow Looks Good Covered In Mud, Anna Kendrick Was There Too
Anna Kendrick Covers Herself In Mud, Mud Stock Skyrocket
Bitch, Perfect
Anna Kendrick’s Post Mud Party Selfie Confirms I’ve Got Some Weird Sexual Fantasies About Here

I have the best coworkers. Except Kyle. Fuck Kyle.

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