Anna Kournikova Did A Full Backbend In A Bikini And It Was OUT-STANDING

I don’t know what’s gotten into Anna Kournikova lately. For months and months her Instagram account was pretty much meh. But over the last 7 or 8 months she’s really been stepping up her game. Bikini, bikini, bikini, bikini.

And now Anna Kournikova goes and drops this new photo of herself doing a full backbend in a bikini? What’s going on here?!

Did Danica Patrick inspire her to do this? Or maybe she’s angling for some new work? Or maybe she and Enrique aren’t having that “crazy sex” anymore? Or maybe, just maybe, she finally got all my memos asking to post more bikini pics. I know that like a whole bunch of those got returned with very threatening language attached to them, but maybe one snuck through and she read it and took it to heart.

Never stop dreaming, fellas.

Here’s another bikini pic she shared of herself with a turtle, because turtles are awesome.