Robin Thicke’s Smoking Hot Girlfriend Just Turned 22 Years Old So Here’s 22 Pictures Of Her Showing Off Her Booty

Robin Thicke, 39, is dating now 22-year-old April Love Geary (her birthday was Tuesday). For those scoring at home, that is a 17+ year age gap. Which is cool, in theory, until you peel back the layers and try to think about what the fuck these two talk about when they’re not boning. A few months back, I–a 29-year-old man child–went on a date with a 21-year-old and she was too young to remember Saved by the Bell. Topanga Lawrence–no idea. Landline phone–what’s that?

Regardless, no one has appointed me the role of love arbiter so if they’re happy, more power to them. But smart money’s on Thicke throwing his D is someone else before the New Years Ball drops. He just seems like the kind of dude who would raw dog his best friend’s wife on his birthday. But this post isn’t about him as much as it is about his stunning girlfriend.

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