Arianny Celeste Wearing Nothing But A Pair Of Shoes May Cause Heart Palpitations

Arianny Celeste has no need for your stinking “clothes.”

In the past I have toyed around with the idea that Arianny Celeste might not be the hottest UFC Octagon Girl. I’ve fiddled around talking about Kristie Pearson and Brittney Palmer, both ridiculously gorgeous women, but no, I’m sorry, that was just stupid talk. Arianny Celeste is the absolute queen of the Octagon Girls until she decides to retire her crown.

For proof of this we need look no further than this photo Arianny shared yesterday…

Any arguments now? Not from me!

Between her recent nipple tape pics and her 2016 calendar, there is no doubt.

Just to make sure you’re 100% convinced here’s a little more of what she’s been sharing…just in the last week!

All hail the queen.