Arianny Celeste Shared A HOT Unpublished Shot From Her Calendar And Yup, No Top

arianny celeste calendar

Arianny Celeste, Instagram

Arianny Celeste is really good at making calendars.

Damn, Arianny Celeste… are you trying to kill us?

Just last week she goes on Snapchat sporting nothing but a tiny little bit of nipple tape and now over the weekend she drops the unpublished photo you see below from her 2016 calendar with nothing but her flowing locks standing in the way of a little slice of Heaven.

Though I still wonder to myself every time I see calendar pics like this: who is buying these? I mean, one, why do you need a wall calendar in this age of smartphones and computers? And two, where exactly are you hanging calendars like these? Certainly not where you work, right? Are any of you bros currently in possession of a calendar such as this? If you are, please enlighten me. Obviously they are being purchased or these models wouldn’t keep putting them out so I need to know what’s going on here.

And just to prove that this is no fluke occurrence, here are eight other times (including two excellent videos) where Arianny also wasn’t wearing a top. Oh, you’re welcome!