Ariel Winter From ‘Modern Family’ Got Her Nose Pierced And Continues To Show Skin On Instagram

I still haven’t fully come to grips with the fact that Alex (Ariel Winter) from Modern Family is all grown up and doing her best to show off skin on social media. But with every passing ‘gram I find it easier and easier to accept that our little curvaceous Ariel Winter is now a woman, and I need to stop thinking of her as that little smart kid from Modern Family.

In her latest post on Instagram Ariel Winter’s either pierced her nose or wants us all to believe that she’s pierced her nose, and after dying her hair red a while back I think it’s safe to say that she’s officially ‘gone goth’, and she’s reached her PEAK teenage angsty phase. I’m quasi surprised that her caption wasn’t ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’, but the caption she went with was just fine: “Bite me babe you make me love the pain ❌:…I’m guessing that’s some emo shit that I’m too old to know about. Anyways, here’s her nose piercing and below that are her best recent IG pics, the ones showcasing her assets and cleavage, including what appears to be her senior prom pics (am I the only one who wasn’t 18-years-old at my prom?!):

Like I said, she’s officially gone goth…or maybe it’s emo, I’m not sure, and to be honest I really don’t give a shit which one it is:

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