‘Modern Family’ Sisters Ariel Winter And Sarah Hyland’s Sexy Outfits Won ALL The Emmys Parties

As everyone pretty much everyone knows Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland play sisters on Modern Family. Now, in reality, they don’t actually look very much alike, but it’s obvious that both of them have learned well from their co-star Sofia Vergara about how to bring the sexy on the red carpet.

As you can see from their fashion choices for one of the Emmys parties this past weekend, Ariel going with the bra for a top and Sarah deciding against one completely, both women understand how to both look good and get attention – two cornerstones of dominating Hollywood here in the 21st century.

No wonder Modern Family has been such a success for lo these many years. When even two of the youngest members of the cast get it the way these two do, how could it not succeed? (I have no idea what I am talking about. Oh look, pretty pictures!)