Chris Brown’s Gun Accuser Is A HOT Beauty Queen Who Lost Her Crown In A Nude Photo Scandal

Unless you didn’t get out of bed yesterday you surely heard about the day-long standoff between Chris Brown and the LAPD over his allegedly pointing a gun at a woman.

Ho-hum, right? Just another day in the life of Chris Brown, right?

Well… here’s where the story gets even more interesting.

The person who Brown allegedly pointed the gun at is a woman named Baylee Curran and she’s got quite the past.

According to TMZ, Curran was crowned Miss California Regional 2016, but she lost that title because someone sent nude photos of her to the pageant director and they revoked her title after just two months.

The director told her she’d give her another chance, but we’re told Baylee repeatedly screwed up and deceived them. She would fail to show for community functions … while photographers were tagging photos of her frolicking on a boat. She was also MIA for events … choosing various photo shoots instead.

The director had enough 2 months into her reign, and told Baylee she was stripping her of her crown, but Baylee shot back, “You’re the director. You can make or bend the rules. I’m keeping the crown and we can move on.”

She still hasn’t returned the crown.

But wait! There’s more!

Curran is also wanted in connection with a grand larceny case.

The New York Police department confirmed to PEOPLE that Curran is wanted in connection with a 2013 grand larceny incident at the famous New York City Plaza hotel.

Curran was vacationing at The Plaza with two friends when they got into an argument. Curran fled with one of the women, who had stolen a wallet filled with credit cards and $1,000 in cash from their other friend.

While there’s no warrant out for Curran, she can be taken in for questioning by police if she’s seen in New York City.

Baylee Curran is quite the busy little beaver, isn’t she?

She’s also got quite the Instagram account where she has shared a wide assortment of very sexy photos. However, if you want some REAL entertainment be sure to check out the comments on her pics because #TeamBreezy is blowing them up with saying all sorts of HORRIBLE things. Good times.

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