Beyonce Shared One Of The Sexiest Vine Videos We’ve Ever Seen

beyonce vine

Beyonce, Vine

If you watch just one thing today you need to make it this new video Beyonce shared a few hours ago on her Vine account. I’m not joking. Wow.

Unfortunately I am not up on all my Beyonce videos so I am sure there is a logical explanation for this, but even if there isn’t (and if there is I’m sure someone super nice will tell me) it’s one of the greatest Vine videos ever made.

She captions the video, “Say something nice.” Uh, not a problem, Bey.


No wonder she’s got her own college course and religion.

Oh yeah, Bey and Jay also released the first part of their three-part movie that they made as a part of their On The Run tour. It’s not quite as sexy, but it is interesting.

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