Bikini Videos Like This One By Abigail Ratchford Are Why We Get Up In The Morning

Abigail Ratchford is the gift that keeps on giving.

Abigail Ratchford is one thing we can certainly never have enough of in our lives. Girl just keeps dropping one sexy thing after another on her ridiculously awesome Instagram account. If you ever need a lift just head on over there and you’ll be golden.

Take this video, for example. What about it is there NOT to like? She’s in a bikini. Always good. Some very lucky person is spritzing her with water. Also good and makes me still wonder how one gets a job like that. The one negative I guess is that the video could have been a little longer. Say, maybe 10 minutes? Okay five. I don’t want to get too greedy. Maybe next time.

Of course Abigail Ratchford has also been sharing photos that also make our lives oh-so better since we last saw her 16 whole days ago. She’s cool like that.

Yep, that’ll get your blood pumping.