Power Move: Bradley Cooper Is Reportedly Hooking Up With Supermodel Irina Shayk

A month or so ago Bradley Cooper, 40, broke up with his smoking hot 23 year-old model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. We questioned the wisdom of that move at the time.

However, back in January, supermodel Irina Shayk also ended her long relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo seems to be doing just fine since the breakup, and now, according to reports, so is Irina.

Even though Bradley Cooper was spotted reconnecting with ex-girlfriend Suki Waterhouse during Coachella, it seems that he has moved on with Irina Shayk.

A source confirms to E! News that The Elephant Man actor and Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex attended Broadway’s Finding Neverland, which stars Glee alum Matthew Morrison, Wednesday night. This isn’t the first time they’ve spent time together, either, as another insider dishes that they’ve been “hanging out.”

The insider tells us that they were also spotted out last weekend with a group of friends and were “really enjoying each other’s company” while dancing. “They have a lot of chemistry with each other,” the source adds.

It isn’t getting too serious…yet. It looks like Shayk and Cooper are “keeping things light” and “just having a great time,” as they are both coming out of long-term relationships. Cooper and Waterhouse ended their relationship after about two years while Shayk and the soccer star called it quits after five.

The Elephant Man actor? That’s what they’re going with? Bro is hooking up with supermodels in their 20s left and right. More like HERO Man. The only downside to this new development is that it’s too bad this didn’t happen before awards season. Just think of all the half-naked dresses Irina Shayk could have worn that we missed out on.

So now I am left wondering, what was all this noise about Cooper getting friendly with Emma Watson the other night?

Bro’s just living the dream.