A Victoria Secret Model Revealed Her Baby’s Gender With A Topless Photo That Surely Won’t Come Back To Haunt Him

Candice Swanepoel is a Victoria’s Secret model who also happens to be pregnant with her first child.

Hey, do you need to know the gender of her child? I sure fucking don’t.

But the world does, and when you are famous, you reveal that shit on Instagram in an insane way that would make a normal human say “Whaaa…?”

Like with a topless picture where you’re clutching your ass and boobs.

Like this.

Going to school as a boy with a hot mom is hard enough. Imagine how fucking pasted his gym locker is gonna be with copies of this pic in 16 years.

“Hey, I saw your mom’s boobs when you were inside her. She was touching her butt, too.”

No wonder celebrity kids are so fucked in the head.

Anyway, here’s another picture of her pregnant and looking great.


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