Caroline Wozniacki Is Tweeting Bed Selfies Now That She’s Single and Looking Finnnneeeee

by 4 years ago


This is such a classic recently-single girl thing to do. We’ve seen this move dozens of time on Facebook and Insta, with chicks not-so-subtly announcing to the world they’re back on the market. It’s like a Craigslist real estate listing; they’re just so much better with pictures. Just a week after Rory dumped her, she’s throwing herself back in the game this Friday morning by tweeting out a pic of her laying in bed. She looks GREAT too. What the hell were you thinking, Rory?


She also has a new Twitter avi. Not sure if the whole witch thing is going to be very bewitching to get a dude to date a chick who just got left at the alter. People know to stay away…


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