Here Are Caroline Wozniacki’s Sexiest Swimsuit Outtakes Because We Enjoy Seeing Her In A Bikini

It’s a hard and proven fact that heterosexual men really like it when female athletes wear bikinis. I’ve often pondered why that is, but have come up with no other answer than (a) we like sexy women in bikinis just in general, and (b) we like seeing athletes in bikinis because we don’t normally get to see them wearing them.

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki is an athlete, therefore she qualifies as one of those women that we like seeing in bikinis. The video above called “Caroline Wozniacki’s Sexiest Outtakes SI Swimsuit” fulfills this certain desire that we have, thus we shall watch it.

Here are the rest of Caroline Wozniacki’s SI Swimsuit videos from 2015 because, well…I just told you why. Plus, Ronda Rousey is also involved and she too is an athlete, so, there you go.