Chandler Parsons Asked ‘Big Brother’ Contestant To Show Her Goods On Livestream

Chandler Parsons loves the ladies. This is a fact. The Memphis Grizzlies forward is not one to shy away from shooting his shot with women. The most recent female that grabbed Chandler’s attention is “Big Brother 19” contestant and model Jessica Graf.

As first reported on Krusty Sox Sports, Chandler Parsons jumped on Graf’s livstream and tried to charm the top off of the model with the whimsical pickup line of: “Hey big fan, show ur tits?” Classic Chandler Parsons.

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This of course is not the first time that Chandler has attempted to woo a model on Instagram with the witty “show your tits” line. Last December he hit on Felicia Anderson during a livestream broadcast.

After seeing Jessica’s Instagram photos, I think you’d agree with Chandler, we’re all big fans.