Dang, FS1’s Charissa Thompson Was In A Bikini Again And Is She Somehow Getting Hotter?

I swear Charissa Thompson spends as much time in a bikini as she does on TV. Which is really saying something because last I checked she had at least two jobs on television. (Must be how she affords all these sweet bikini vacations.)

Not that I am complaining. In fact, I think Charissa Thompson should just go ahead and combine the two and do all of her broadcasts in a bikini. Talk about ratings!

This weekend she was off on another tropical adventure spending a little time in Ibiza because that’s where all the cool kids go these days.

I still say if Sports Illustrated can’t somehow finagle getting her into next year’s swimsuit issue they’re totally missing out.

Charissa was also in a bikini over the 4th of July, naturally, so I figured you might want to see those videos and pics too.

I’m telling you. FS1’s ratings would go through the roof if she wore these bikinis on the air. Just sayin’.

Still waiting for her follow-up to this photo though…


Maybe next time.

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