Charlotte McKinney Bashes Girls Who Think They’re Too Good To Give Blowjobs

Charlotte McKinney

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Charlotte McKinney gets us.

Charlotte McKinney is obviously one of our most favorite models in the world. Hell, we did our own sexy photo shoot with her before she hit Dancing With The Stars that rivals any she’s done before or since. So obviously we love her.

But now… now, thanks to something she said in an interview with Galore magazine for their latest issue, we have taken that love to a whole new level.

Okay, so, tell me this. Don’t you feel that pretty girls generally don’t have to even have cool personalities? Isn’t that a thing? Like, ugly girls will be the ones that have to be funny, and the ones who are good at blowjobs?”

CM: Oh my God, I actually was thinking about this the other day — there are girls that I know that won’t even give blowjobs, and I guess it’s because they think they’re too hot, or something? It’s such bullshit. [Laughs]

Charlotte McKinney… totally down with blowjobs. Her words. *passes out*

Our hero in a bikini. (Screw you Stephen Dorff.)