Charlotte McKinney Is Hooking Up With Stephen Dorff? How Do We Feel About That?

It was just a matter of time. There was no way a woman like Charlotte McKinney could spend so much time out in Hollywood and not catch the eye of more than a few gentlemen callers. And now rumors are circulating hard that Stephen Dorff is the first lucky man in Tinseltown to catch her eye as well as the two of them have been spotted together twice in the past week.

First, McKinney and Dorff were reportedly spotted together at David Arquette’s wedding over the weekend and then on Wednesday they were again seen doing a little grocery shopping together in Malibu. Grocery shopping, people! This shit just got real.

They do make a sickeningly gorgeous couple, but a couple of things that I find to be of interest is one, the fact that Stephen Dorff is 41 years-old, while Charlotte McKinney is just 21. And another is the fact that Dorff has one HELL of a dating history. Bro has been hooking up with total dimes since 1993 – aka the year McKinney was born. That’s a pretty good goddamn run if you ask me.

So how does this pairing make you feel, bros?

Here are some recent pictures Charlotte shared to Instagram to help you ponder your decision.