Mesmerizing Charlotte McKinney Did A Topless GQ Photoshoot And Revealed What Type Of Guy She’s Looking For

GQ did a scalding photoshoot and interview with the scintillating Charlotte McKinney. In the revealing Q&A, the gorgeous Carl’s Jr. model reveals that she’s a “don’t-wear-a-bra kinda girl.”

So you’re at the bar and you spot the beautiful woman who GQ named the “Girl of the Summer,” here’s what drink to buy her:

In the summer I love rosé. A little Whispering Angel never hurt anybody! But then if I’m really trying to get down, I just drink Tito’s vodka. Tito’s and water—to both kinda hydrate and get a little messed up.

Now that you’ve bought her a Tito’s and water, here’s how to impress Miss McKinney:

I’ve always liked a guy with power. A guy who can just walk into a room and get it done—walk in somewhere, do it, leave. If he doesn’t make me laugh, that’s always been a top thing, and getting my humor. If you don’t get my humor, then it’s just awkward and then I feel stupid. But looks aren’t tops for me! I’m not like, He has to be six-foot, tall dark and handsome.

Everyone’s like, “Charlotte, you’re so hot, you could be with anyone, and this guy?” And I’m like, “I know but, he’s really funny, you guys!” I’ve dated really hot guys, I’ve dated really random guys.

One time I used to kind of hang out with this male model, this True Religion model. I mean, gorgeous. I can’t even explain. Stunning. But—I couldn’t even have a conversation with him. I would rather date the Fat Jewish than this guy. I mean, you’re great to look at for a few hours, honey, but oh my God.

Here’s how to fuck up your chances with top supermodel in the world:

If I see a guy who has selfies. It’s so uncomfortable. What if you walked in on your boyfriend, like, [holds phone out, does duck-lips]? No. All the GQ readers need to know, you can’t do that anymore. Also deal breaker: Guys who are rude to valet or servers. The busboy is no different than you. If I’m with a guy in a bar or a club and he does that, I will make him feel shitty about himself. I’m like, Go fuck yourself. No one likes an asshole.

But watch out because she used to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E:

When I was growing up, I was the problem child. It was so bad. That’s why I feel like I’m not a partier now, because I did it at such a young age. So I had an older sister, and in the summertime we would go to the Bahamas. I was 14, and they would let me into these clubs. I had tits, that’s all that mattered. So we’d go into these clubs and just get Cristal bottles, and I’m 14, thinking, This is so normal! I just would get blasted. Because you’re 14, you just keep drinking, you’re with guys, like, I’m 18! You know? They called me “Jail Bait” at a young age.

So she’s looking for a funny, yet not douchey guy who enjoys Tito’s Vodka and doesn’t take selfies. Let me just look at my very non-asshole Instagram here, nope not one selfie of myself or any duckfaces. Oh but there is a photo of a cranberry and Tito’s. Looks like the lovely Charlotte and I were made for one another.

You can check out the entire interview over at GQ.

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