Chelsea Handler Shared Another Picture Of Her Boobs On Twitter And No One Really Gave A Shit

I suppose if you’re Chelsea Handler and you put a picture of your tits on social media and no one really cares that means that your whole pseudo-Free The Nipple campaign is working, right?

I mean, if showing your boobs on Twitter doesn’t even cause people to bat an eyelash (she posted the photo below five days ago and I didn’t see on a single celebrity site) then you’re succeeding in making things equal since a topless man on social media doesn’t usually cause any uproar either.

HAHAHA! Who am I kidding? Chelsea Handler is and has been totally doing all of this just so people don’t forget who the hell she is until whenever the fuck her Netflix show begins. Looks like she might need to take a new angle since her bewbs have apparently run their course. #unseethenipple

Oh yeah, to see the full pic of her tits, because I know you still want to, just click here.

Chelsea Handler image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock