Chick Gets Naked And Shows Off Her Big Cans To Protest President Trump, But Facebook Censored Her Photos

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Emma Dyason Naked Donald Trump Protest

Always an interesting strategy when a woman decides to “protest” something political by getting naked. Does it get you attention? Indubitably. Does your important message get conveyed? If your message is “Look at my tits,” then yes it is effective. A young lady from Great Britain attempted to “protest” the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States by showing off her huge gazongas on Facebook. However, Facebook wasn’t so stoked to be the social media platform for her naked “protest.”

Emma Dyason “protested” the Donald Trump presidency by posting several nude photos on Facebook, but her nipples and vagina are covered.

Emma Dyason Naked Donald Trump Protest

Emma Dyason Facebook

“Last week I produced and executed a photo shoot, taking a feminist/protest approach by writing sexist quotes made by Trump onto scrap pieces of cardboard, and having women pose ‘nude’ in the aim to empower women,” Dyason said.

She received a message from Facebook administrators threatening to block her account for displaying nude photos.

“A day after posting the images, I received a message from Facebook informing me that they had removed the post due to ‘female nudity,’ and also threatened to close my account,” Dyason said.

Dyason said she consulted Facebook’s terms and conditions before posting the pics.

“They also state that they do not condone sexist behavior, which in my opinion, is exactly the kind of behavior they have shown towards this project.”

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