Ciara Goes Topless As A SUPER SEXY Ballerina In Her New Music Video For ‘I Bet’

Ciara has us all suddenly more interested in ballet.

Ciara is one of my favorite singers in the world. She’s often overlooked because she isn’t “wild” and/or “controversial” like so many other female singers on the planet these days.

Ciara just does her songs, keeps things pretty much on the down low and looks damn good doing it.

As for this new music video for “I Bet,” the first single from her upcoming album, Jackie, it’s pretty much an homage to just how hot Ciara’s body is which in turn makes it quite a good video to actually watch for once.

There’s also some stuff being said about how it’s a message to her former fiance Future. The lyrics I mean. Though I say one good look at how sexy Ciara is in the video and he also might be feeling a few pangs of regret even if he has the sound turned down.