Dan Bilzerian Played REAL Fruit Ninja On A Beach In Cabo With Scantily Clad Ladies

Today we murdered fruit. Hard to explain. #fruitninja #cabo

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Dan Bilzerian took a trip to Cabo, Mexico during the holidays and it appeared that he had a delightful time.

On his Instagram, he said he “wasn’t too sober, but I remember carrying a sword, almost blowing up my assistant with illegal fireworks and I had sex on what I think was a pirate ship.” That definitely sounds like a charming vaca. Mr. Bilzerian failed to mention that he bowled with scantily clad females, played air hockey with scantily clad females and played real Fruit Ninja with scantily clad females.

Not sure if its a good look to waste all of that food in the country where 53 percent of Mexico’s population is poor, meaning living on less than $2 per day. But damn, that looks fun as fuck.

The sailing adventure also looking fantastic.

Then Blitz took us sailing

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Bilzerian’s friend Ryan Johnson seemed to have a very Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. It's been a good year.

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Dan also took out his 6-wheeled truck with some enticing ladies. He points out that it is the year of the goat, but 2016 will actually be the year of the monkey starting on Chinese New Year, February 8. The more you know.

The year of the Goat 🐐

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