Would You Vote For Dan Bilzerian As President Of The United States? Because He’s Running

Last month, Dan Bilzerian went to the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner and played liars poker with U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul from Kentucky. Being around all of these politicians must have really awakened Dan’s inner bureaucrat because he is set to launch his campaign to be President of the United States.

Even before Dan Bilzerian officially announces his candidacy for President of the United Statesof America, you can start showing your support by going to ‘Bilzerian2016.com‘ and pick up your very own ‘Bilzerian ’16’ shirt or tank. Apparently the King of Instagram is announcing his candidacy for Leader of the Free World on June 24 with a bitchin’ party at the Marquee New York, an elite NYC night club and tickets can be had here.

I imagine that Bilzerian’s economic strategies, Second Amendment advocacy and views on military spending would lean Republican. But I’m sure he supports abortion, so that would cater to Democrats.

The nice thing for his campaign manager is that they will not have to worry about some saucy sex scandal breaking out and torpedoing his chances for the POTUS. Everything, and I mean everything is already out in the open.

Bilz has 9.4 million followers just on Instagram, so he’s already got a large base of voters to stuff the ballot box.

But think about how much relationship between the U.S. and Russia would improve? How splendidly would President Bilzerian and Vladimir Putin get along? Fucking besties for life.