Dan Bilzerian’s First Commercial For His Presidential Campaign Is Out And His Administration Promises A Whole Lot Of T&A

by 4 years ago

Good thing about pool parties is what you see is what you get #FatBitchesCanRunButTheyCantHide #Bilzerian16

Posted by Dan Bilzerian on Monday, June 29, 2015

Our political correspondents reported back in May, that Dan Bilzerian was running for President of the United States. The first commercial for his revolutionary Presidential campaign was released and it is outstanding.

While it might not be Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 slogan “Vote Yourself A Farm,” or Calvin Coolidge’s 1924 slogan “Keep Cool With Coolidge,” or even Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1952 catchy slogan “I Like Ike,” Dan’s message to the people is a simple one, tits and ass and more tits. The video features an over-the-top pool party, and it of course features bodacious models jiggling all around.

Dollar Bilz even has Meek Mill’s vote. The rapper told the Instagram playboy, that the hood loves him, so he is crossing all socioeconomic borders to get voters.

His campaign flyer is memorable to say the least and shows Dan the man riding a tortoise equipped with a gatling gun. Donald Trump will be pulling his hair out in an attempt to out-shock the world with that ridiculous poster.

I must admit, his campaign “bumper stickers” are eye-catching to the motherfucking nth degree.

Yup. He’s still got my vote.

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