Danica Patrick Is Back In A Skimpy Bikini, Doing Handstands On A Boat Now

Danica Patrick and her handstand adventures have now moved to the water.

I don’t know why Danica Patrick insists on doing these yoga handstands all over the place these days, I’m just glad she’s doing them. Because prior to this handstand jag her Instagram account was, how shall I put this, boring as hell.

I have speculated in the past that this sudden penchant for appearing in yoga pants, sports bras and bikinis on social media might have something to do with her sponsor GoDaddy going away in 2016, but that might not be the reason. The other development over the past year or so is the fact that she’s dating another racer, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. who is just 27, while she’s 33. Younger bro might just be inspiring her to return to the glory days of back when we first fell for Danica. You know, back when she was posing for the SI Swimsuit Issue and all that. Good times.

Whatever the reason, I love it. Keep it up, Danica.

Bonus bikini pics because why the hell not?