Danica Patrick Spent Her Rare NASCAR Day Off In A Bikini, Needs More Days Off

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danica patrick bikini

Danica Patrick, Instagram

Danica Patrick is good at days off.

I’ve been following Danica Patrick on Instagram for a long time now. Until recently it has been one of the more boring celebrity accounts to follow. Then around three months ago she started posting pictures of herself doing yoga and handstands and stuff and suddenly it wasn’t so boring anymore.

Just like that Danica Patrick’s Instagram account got more interesting than her racing career. Since then she’s continued to share yoga pictures, which you can check out below, but over the weekend Danica took her Instagram game up to a new never before seen level (at least not since I’ve been following her) by posting a bikini pic on her day off from the track.

Sadly there is also a man’s butt in the photo. I have to assume it’s her boyfriend, NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. He’s the lucky dude six years younger than Danica who hit the jackpot and also had the day off on Sunday.

Still, this is a major Instagram move on Danica’s part. Does this have anything to do with the fact that GoDaddy announced they will not be renewing her sponsorship at the end of the season? Maybe, maybe not, or who cares?! (Hint: It’s the last one.)

Sunday's off are pretty sweet....

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Here’s some more of that yoga stuff I was talking about since the last time we covered Danica.

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