Did Kendall Jenner Get A Boob Job? These Top Plastic Surgeons Think So

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Did Kendall Jenner get a boob job? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. Hell, I’m not even a nurse or a cashier at CVS, so I’m sure as dick not qualified to answer that question. You know who is qualified, though? Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Neal Handel and a surgeon by the name Dr. Anthony Youn. Neither of these people have treated Kendall in any way, shape or form, but hey. What’s life without a little speculation? According to Mirror,

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Neal Handel told Radar: “Kendall’s arrival at the Met Gala strongly suggests that she has recently had a breast augmentation.”

He added: “The extreme round appearance of the breasts indicated that they have been enhanced with a breast implant, either saline or sillicone.”

“Natural breasts rarely have such a firm, round shape, unless supported by a bra – which is not the case with Kendall at the Met Gala.

While another surgeon Dr Anthony Youn told Radar: “It definitely appears that Kendall has undergone breast augmentation.”

But because we here at BroBible like to think we can see both sides of an issue, according to Gossip Cop Kendall HASN’T gotten a boob job. Via an anonymous “source”:

…it’s “not true” she got a boob job, and even calls out RadarOnline for ridiculously claiming the much-photographed star somehow had time to go secretly go under the knife recently in the midst of her constant travel for work.

So who do we believe? Did Kendall Jenner get a boob job? An anonymous source who is supposedly close to Kendall and possibly just trying to cover for her, or plastic surgeons who’ve never even treated the girl? I don’t have an answer for you, so here’s some boobs. Yay boobs!

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[H/T Mirror and Gossip Cop]

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