Former Victoria’s Secret Model Doutzen Kroes Is Somehow Looking Even Sexier Than Miranda Kerr These Days

Doutzen Kroes and Miranda Kerr: two former Victoria’s Secret models, two incredibly gorgeous women. But which former VS model has the up-and-up on the other? Let’s investigate.

Here’s Doutzen:

And here’s Miranda:

Now here’s Doutzen again:

And, again, Miranda:

Okay Doutzen, show us what you’ve got:

Wow that was pretty good. Your response, Miranda?

Wow, what a good round. Looks like we’re gonna have to call it a tie Bro:

Doutzen: 1
Miranda: 1
You, who just got to look at a bunch of pictures of hot women in hot lingerie: 100

We’re all winners here.