These Pictures Of Elizabeth Hurley In A Bikini Are Proof That No 51 Year Old On The Planet Looks Better In Swimwear



Elizabeth Hurley, 51, continues to benefit from Benjamin Button Syndrome. BBS is an extremely rare syndrome that affects particularly gifted women in their 40s and 50s. Other notable celebrities living with the disease are Jennifer Lopez, Suzanne Somers, and Judge Judy. Don’t act surprised by that last one, bro. You totally would.

Hurley, who catapulted to fame in 1997 after her role as Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers, avoided the vices of Hollywood and continued to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, she puts that lifestyle on display for her 495,000 Instagram followers, and my God, are these pictures a sight for sore eyes. Let me remind you that she was born when Lyndon B. Johnson was President of the United States.

I dug deep into her Instagram. I dug up these gems for you bros. Don’t mention it.

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